Infusionsoft: Generating Leads At Top Of Small Business Challenges

Infusionsoft has published a report titled “Defining and Achieving Small Business Success”, which showed the majority of small business owners having "zero aspirations to build a large business, and often find non-financial measures of success to be equally as important as financial goals — and typically more important.”

Generating leads was at the top of identified challenges by those surveyed.

According to Infusionsoft, “(g)rowth in moderation is part of most small business owners’ definition of success. However, many face challenges at various stages of growth. This includes going from a solopreneur to hiring a first employee, from managing a team to bringing on a supervisor and from replacing tried and true processes with more advanced technology solutions.” It added that the top three challenges that are often a hindrance for growth at all levels were: (1) Finding time to get everything done; (2) Attracting and retaining qualified employees; and (3) Generating leads and turning them into customers.

The full report is available here (behind a subsriber's wall):

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