64% of Marketers Believe It Is Their Role to Collect - Not Analyze - Data, Finds BlueVenn

BlueVenn has released its 2017 Data Deadlock report, which looks at the priorities and challenges facing marketers in the US and UK. The report asked 602 US and UK marketers and 2,116 US and UK consumers their thoughts to learn the current state of play with customer data, what strategies marketers find most difficult to quantify, how consumers feel about their personal data and the use of personalization, how can technology help, and what tactics do marketers expect to be using in the next five years?

Some of the findings of the report include:

- 64% of marketers believe it is actually their role to simply collect – but not analyze customer data;
- 51% of UK and US marketers feel they spend too much time analyzing data in their day-to-day role, leaving them little time to spend on the more creative aspects of their work'
- 90% of marketers claim to understand the data that their company collects on customers;
- 26% claim that Online Advertising is still also difficult to quantify;
- 63% of consumers find personalized recommendations useful.

You can download the report here.

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