Email Marketing: Marketers Ignore Essential Metrics, Finds Adestra

Adestra has released the findings of the 2017 Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census, and it appears that once again email marketing has topped the digital marketing ROI charts. However, growing complexity of the digital marketing landscape still leaves marketers confused about where to focus their efforts and budget to produce a ‘joined-up’ approach.

Adestra CEO Henry Hyder-Smith explains the findings of the census: "“The results of this year’s Census show that marketers are struggling to see the bigger picture and stand by their choices. By getting the fundamentals working together – personalisation, automation, integration, optimisation – they can make the most of the technology available, offer their customers the experience they are looking for, and realise the benefits of becoming First-Person Marketers.”

Other findings of the survey are:

- Success in implementing automation programmes has grown from 62% to 67% since 2016 and marketing automation is the most important attribute when selecting an ESP, overtaking a user-friendly interface and cost.
- When it comes to selecting a focus for 2017 and an area marketers can’t currently do to their satisfaction, personalisation overtakes marketing automation to become the top choice. This inconsistency, among others, supports the view that marketers need guidance and clarity to navigate the complexity of the digital marketing landscape.
- Email marketing is still top for ROI as shown by the 73% of company (and 76% of agency) respondents rating it excellent or good, however, the budget allocated to this channel remains at just 15% of the total marketing budget.
- Most marketers seem to be ignoring essential metrics when it comes to evaluating their success, which makes proving the impact of email difficult. While the majority of in-house marketers use click-through rate (91%), open rate (80%) and conversion rate (62%) as measures of success, only a minority use inbox placement (8%), list growth rate (20%) and delivery rate (37%).
- The gap between email-driven revenue and investment in the channel has widened considerably over the past six years, which shows marketers are missing a key growth opportunity.

You can download the full report here [behind subscription wall].

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