68% of Consumers Prefer Email over Texting and Apps for Offers

Adestra unveiled its new report entitled “Email and the Age of First-Person Marketing” on March 20th. The report looks into data-driven personalization in relation to email marketing and customer loyalty. 

Henry Hyder-Smith, CEO at Adestra, comments on the report: “It’s one-to-one marketing done at scale. Advanced technology and data integrations allow marketers to create the kind of personalized, relevant messages for a mass audience that look as if the marketer composed a personal message to each customer in the database. By incorporating preferences, behavior, interests, lifecycle/journey touchpoints and other data points in each message, First-Person Marketing creates a one-to-one experience that tells recipients they are understood and valued as individuals, and not just more records in a database. And when customers feel valued, it has a measurable impact on your bottom line."

Some of the findings of the report include:

- 68% prefer email over texting and apps as a method of receiving commercial messages

- 83% of respondents use an email address when signing up to use an app or social media account – demonstrating its function as a validator of customers’ online identities

- 73% would unsubscribe when confronted by an undesired email

"Email is ripe for personalization", says Adestra. "For example, it’s easier than ever to integrate other sources of data to get a better understanding of one’s target audience. Luckily, marketers can now access a wealth of information about their customers. Customers’ purchase history, for example, can now be drawn together alongside data on website behavior, interactions with emails and stated preferences. All this can then be collated and analyzed to help brands understand who their customers are, what they want, and how best to satisfy their needs."

Full report can be found here (behind subscription wall).

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