Salesfusion: Simply Having Technology Is Not Enough to Improve B2B Tactics

Salesfusion reported on November 3 the results of a new survey that detail the value of B2B Lead Generation, according to which, more than half of marketers feel their organization’s lead generation strategy is currently "above average."

The study, which was commissioned in partnership with Ascend2, surveyed B2B marketing influencers from small and medium-size business.

More than three-fourths of respondents stated that their B2B lead generation effectiveness is increasing, with marketing influencers listing the following results when asked about lead generation effectiveness: 

- 38 percent say effectiveness is increasing significantly; 

- 48 percent say effectiveness is increasing marginally; 

- 15 percent say effectiveness is decreasing marginally; and

- 3 percent say effectiveness is decreasing significantly.

According to Salesfusion, overall, the results show that "while lead generation effectiveness is increasing with technology, simply having technology is not enough to improve tactics." Respondents noted that creating and marketing relevant content and managing social media channels are the most difficult tactics to execute for B2B lead generation purposes. The report data shows that 70 percent of B2B organizations outsource all or part of their lead generation tactics.

Malinda Wilkinson, CMO of Salesfusion, commented: "Implementing a marketing technology stack alone is not the key to improving lead generation effectiveness. Marketers must also understand the value of developing an overall marketing strategy and creating suitable content to drive demand. Partnering with a technology vendor that offers a no-fail approach by providing the tools, support and expertise needed can ensure success."

The full report can be downloaded here (behind a registration wall).

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