Aimia Reports on Research on the 'Deletist Consumer'

Aimia, a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company, reports new research that points out how "'Deletist' consumers use ad blockers and other means to cut off brands who bombard them with communications on their mobiles.”

According to new research carried out by the company, “two in five consumers now feel ‘overwhelmed' by the volume of communications they receive from brands,” to which they respond by "cutting off brands completely, through blocking numbers, deleting apps and using ad blocker technology.”

The company’s report titled "Deletist Consumer” reports that [ad litteram]:

- Nearly half (48%) of people say they receive too many SMS messages from brands, up from 39% in 2015. 

- Over four in ten (44%) feel brands send too many push notifications through apps, up from less than a third (30%) of people last year. 

- Half of the population (50%) say the volume of messages they receive on social media newsfeeds has risen, with the same number (51%) feeling they receive too many messages on their social media newsfeed. 

- The majority of messages received are not applicable to individuals’ needs and interests, with just 17% describing the communications they receive as very relevant. Deletist Consumers, digitally literate individuals who adopt strategies to limit their exposure to unwanted communications, are responding by disconnecting completely with brands which send high volumes of irrelevant messages;

- Three in five (63%) Brits have blocked numbers and over half use ad blocker technology (52%); 

- 51% have deleted apps because of push notifications and three-fifths (59%) have closed accounts and subscriptions; and

- 56% have unfollowed brands on social media and 47% have changed preferences to minimise brand communications. 

Jan-Pieter Lips, President of International Coalitions at Aimia,commented: "The rise of mobile is a gift for marketers. Never before has there been such a direct way to communicate with customers and it’s a channel which will continue to grow. However, if used incorrectly, brands will damage customer relationships rather than strengthen them. In a world where customer data is essential, brands that push customers away through irrelevant marketing messages will be at a significant disadvantage to their competitors over the long term."

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