Digilant: Marketers Are Using Outdated Programmatic Technology

Digilant released new on-line behaviour data analysis on US sports fans of the Rio Olympics. This research was powered by the company's data science solution, Consumer Persona, and reveals key differences between general and target sport audiences.

For example, consumers who are rugby fans and skiers are 154.23% more likely to be fans of targeted and less mainstream Olympic sports. For marketers, the findings demonstrate missed opportunity, and underscore the importance of leveraging advanced programmatic targeting technology to better reach an audience.

Alan Osetek, the CEO of Digilant, commented: “This is a classic marketing mistake. Marketers try to use programmatic to target a distinct group of consumers – such as US Olympics fans – but they do it with a broad-brush stroke, and treat the target audience as one big group. In other words, they fail to factor-in differences in behaviors, interests, and attitudes that can create important segments within an audience. Our advanced targeting technology enables marketers to drill-down into their core target audience and uncover new key segments, so they can better understand who they really are.” He continued: “At the end of the day, marketers are leaving money on the table because they are using outdated programmatic technology. Our custom data science solution enables brands to drill-down into audiences with tremendous granularity, uncover key segments, and dynamically target them in real-time. Doing exactly that will help them drive performance, extend reach, and boost efficiencies.”

Digilant is a global programmatic media company that partners with brands and agencies on custom programmatic advertising solutions. You will find its full report here.

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