Amplience's New Extension to Further Lower Content Production Costs for Retailers

Amplience, the Big Content Cloud, announced on August 17th an extension to its Dynamic Media service that solves the image production problem for retailers who have a wide range of customisable product categories.

These products can feature many variants of colour, fabric and accessory, and can be personalised with monograms and other personal details. The new Dynamic Media services that power the Product Customization solution dynamically generate colour variants from existing photography, enable on-demand image substitutions and support sophisticated text based personalisation.

James Brooke, CEO of Amplience, commented: “The Product Customization solution opens up the options for shoppers to create the ideal version of the product they want, from visualizing all available color combinations to adding personalizations to products like monograms. This rich layer of personalization gives shoppers more a richer and more valuable experience and enables retailers to drive engagement, conversion and ultimately the ability to offer customers unique functionality.”

Amplience Product Customization allows shoppers to more accurately visualize and personalize the product they want to purchase, while enabling online retailers to cost-effectively generate the full range of digital content they need to sell the complete product range and offering user-configurable personalization options.

Key features and benefits:

  • Deliver a complete set of product images for all color and feature variants to drive product-page conversion uplift and reduce production costs
  • Create unique product differentiation with personalized products to better compete with Amazon and discount retailers
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by simplifying colorization and monograming template development and production
  • Create rich custom configurators that visualize complex product categories to drive engagement, conversion and average-order-values

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