Acrolinx Partners with EMS Consulting to Create Salesforce Connector

On August 15th Acrolinx announced its partnership with EMS Consulting to create a connector that makes the full functionality of the company’s content optimisation software available within Salesforce.

The new Acrolinx Salesforce Connector (the Connector) allows Salesforce users to seamlessly integrate Acrolinx directly into their existing customer relationship management platform.

Acrolinx founder and CEO Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp comments: “We’re excited to be able to give Salesforce users the opportunity to easily integrate with Acrolinx. By developing a strategic partnership with EMS, we’re working with one of the leaders in Salesforce integrations to bring the power of Acrolinx to sales teams directly within their platform of choice.”

The Connector will allow Salesforce users to 

  • Validate data to and from Salesforce in real time.
  • Leverage the full capabilities of Acrolinx right within Salesforce for a seamless authoring experience.
  • Automate workflows for instant language scoring and feedback.
  • Collaborate and easily share Salesforce documents.
  • Archive content and make it fully searchable.

Elaine C. Myrback, President/CEO of EMS Consulting, adds: “We have worked on many Salesforce integrations over the years, and we’re extremely excited about the ease of use and potential benefits that this new connector will bring to Salesforce users. The connector gives you the flexibility to maintain one secure, central source of terminology, let everyone look up terms, and guide writers to use your preferred terms.”

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