Act-On Releases Advanced Social Media Module

On August 10, Act-On announced the release of its Advanced Social Media Module that includes publishing, listening, and reporting capabilities to help marketers better understand the value social media brings to their business.

According to the company, "Marketers can now use social media to power the entire customer experience from awareness and acquisition through retention and loyalty, and measure the influence their social campaigns have on the bottom line." The new module will allow marketers to use social behaviors across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ to automatically score, segment, and nurture buyers. They can also track the conversions of social leads and attribute revenue back to specific social campaigns and channels.

According to Augie Ray, principal analyst at Gartner, "Marketers have focused much of their social media efforts in the Buy cycle, but they can create greater benefit by optimizing social media throughout the entire customer journey to capture loyal customers and activate advocates. No single social media metric can encompass the many ways social media contributes to a business's top line and bottom lines. To measure the impact of social media, marketers need to identify their brand's opportunities in the Buy, Own, and Advocate cycles, and select the measures that best fit those opportunities to fulfill attribution requirement."

The Advanced Social Media Module will allow marketers to

  • Create listening streams for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook under a single UI to simplify the social selling process.
  • Engage (like, comment, share, RT) directly from the UI to comments posted on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.
  • Publish assets from existing lead generation campaigns created in Act-On or associate posts to pre-existing campaigns.
  • Nurture and score leads generated from social campaigns and easily segment buyers based on behaviors and interests for more tailored offerings.
  • Push social media posts onto the 'advocacy board' for easy access and sharing by employee and customer advocates.
  • Report on campaign performance across social channels and individual advocates including clicks, leads, opportunities, and revenue generated.

Kevin Bobowski, the CMO of Act-On, commented: "Social media is a critical channel for marketers and should not be executed in a silo. It must be integrated into the overall marketing strategy to realize its full potential. Act-On's Advanced Social Media Module empowers marketers to leverage social data to deliver more personalized, real-time experiences for prospects and customers, resulting in better conversions and more loyal advocates."

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