Lithium Technologies Announces NextGen Klout Enrichment Solution

Lithium Technologies has announced on August 4 its next generation of Klout Enrichments for Twitter’s Gnip 2.0 products that will provide marketers, advertisers, customer support and analytics providers with deep, meaningful data into their customers, competitors and trends.

The company informs that with the update, customers of Gnip 2.0 can better understand their influencers’ areas of interest and expertise, with each tweet, while also delivering "features that achieve maximum value and utility for use cases including analytics, marketing automation and Twitter Advertising.”

Rob Tarkoff, President and CEO of Lithium Technologies, commented: "The most successful brands think of themselves as a person interacting with other people and use data in a smart and useful way to act accordingly. This next generation of Klout Enrichments for Gnip 2.0 arms brands with the information to truly understand their customers’ influence and expertise so that they can more effectively engage with them.”

"Klout allows our customers to understand influence, expertise and essential context about users,” added Chris Moody, Vice President of Data Strategy of Twitter. “The new Klout Enrichment in Gnip 2.0 is a natural progression of our partnership and helps us ensure customers are equipped with the insights they need to make highly informed, actionable decisions.”

The Klout Enrichment for Twitter’s Gnip 2.0 includes:

  • The Klout Score: The industry standard for at-a-glance social influence scoring.
  • Klout Influence Topics: The top five topics an account drives engagement for and is known for.
  • Klout Influence Expertise Scores: A measurement of how influential an account is in a given topic, compared to other relevant category influencers.
  • Klout Interest Topics: The top five areas that an account is interested in, culled from posts, bios and engagement, authenticated against Klout’s standards.
  • Klout Interest Topic Scores: A measurement of how interested a user is in a given topic, relative to other interests deduced by Klout.


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