Scribe Software Announces New Marketo Connector

Scribe Software has announced its new REST-based Marketo Connector for Scribe Online — the company’s agile integration platform as a service (iPaaS) — is now available. 

The new connector — developed in conjunction with Marketo, exposes the marketing automation vendor’s REST API to Scribe users. It allows business analysts, consultants and software developers at enterprises, systems integrators, VARs and SaaS companies to develop fast-performing and highly customized integrations between Marketo and dozens of other CRM, marketing, data-warehouse, ERP, and enterprise systems.

Marketo provides engagement marketing software and solutions designed to help marketers develop long-term relationships with their customers – from acquisition to advocacy. 

Scribe is a provider of solutions that "easily bring data anywhere it is needed – regardless of IT infrastructure.” It services customers across a wide array of industries including financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, and media and entertainment companies. According to Scribe, the connector expands upon the existing SOAP Connector in many ways, including: 

Improved performance: The REST API provides a higher throughput, so a REST endpoint can process more records per second.

Enhanced access to custom objects and entities: The REST API supports the discovery of custom object metadata, which enables Scribe Online to enhance the existing user experience and make it easier for integration users to work with custom objects.

Efficient use of API calls: The filtering capabilities of the REST API allow the Scribe integration to process only relevant data, reducing the size of the working dataset and saving time and expense.

Support for OAuth 2.0: The Scribe connector ensures security by using OAuth 2.0 to connect to the Marketo REST API. This is the standard protocol used to securely transfer data.

Talking about the new connector, Bob Zurek, CTO of Connectivity at Scribe, commented: "“We’re excited to be the first to take advantage of Marketo’s new REST API to bring improved connectivity to the Marketo community. Our singular focus is to drive down the cost and time needed to create powerful, custom-configured integrations, and the new REST-based Marketo Connector helps Scribe users to quickly create high-throughput integrations that are tailored to the nuances of their particular companies and their unique sales and marketing workflows.”

Scott Nash, Vice President, Product Management at Marketo, added: "Scribe’s Connector to the REST API provides agility and support for the Marketo tech stack, further emphasizing our open platform approach. This Connector serves the Marketo community by making it easy for SaaS providers and customers to close the loop from leads to revenue, a critical piece for understanding revenue attribution and proving marketing activity ROI.”

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