Brightcove Announces In-Page Experiences and Audience Profiles

Brightcove announced on May 22nd the availability of In-Page Experiences and Audience Profiles. The combination of these capabilities empowers business users in every functional area to create and analyze the impact of dynamic, interactive and professional-quality video experiences.

In-Page Experiences makes it easy for any business user to build customized video layouts that incorporate calls-to-action and dynamic capabilities to deliver different experiences before, during and after a video is played.

Brightcove Audience Profiles enables those same users to analyze the viewing history of individual viewers. These viewers may be anonymous or identified depending on what type of viewer tracking customers have integrated. The insights gained from this analysis can be used to guide both short term actions and longer term program strategies.

Caren Cioffi, executive vice president, Digital Marketing and Enterprise Solutions, Brightcove, commented: “Great digital experiences are immersive, they are human, they are personal. They change how people feel, how they buy, and whether they recommend. Over the last year, Brightcove has brought to market technologies that empower its customers to create immersive video experiences with their key audiences. Whether these experiences are designed to create brand loyalty, accelerate conversion, improve customer support, strengthen employee recruiting and retention or better engage and align distributed teams, our innovation is making it easier for business users in any department to quickly create the kind of results that until now have taken time and specialized skills.” 

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