Urban Airship Launches Digital Growth Platform

Urban Airship announced on April 12th the launch of its Digital Growth Platform, which will allow marketers to send personalized, interactive notifications at the right time and place for each customer across the entire digital marketing stack. The integrated platform provides a single interface to coordinate notification-style messages for websites, apps and mobile wallets, as well as other channels like email, SMS, chatbots and IoT devices.

Powered by a real-time automation engine, marketers can trigger notifications at any step in their customer’s journey — from first visit to repeat purchase — based on the latest user-level insights across channels. For consumers, this offers communications that are more responsive to their in-the-moment online and offline behaviors, delivered wherever they’d like and in a messaging format that’s already widely adopted by smartphones and connected devices.

Brett Caine, CEO and president of Urban Airship, commented on the product release: “Marketers want best-of-breed solutions while at the same time protecting their significant investment in existing marketing technology. When data is open and flowing through a modern, real-time platform, it provides businesses the freedom and flexibility to choose the best capabilities and integrate them in incredibly sophisticated ways. Not only is this better for customer experiences, it’s simpler and more effective for the marketer.”

Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform will make it possible for marketers to:

- Use the latest mobile behaviors or in-store interactions to provide precise promotions or high-touch service
- Remind users on their preferred channel of items left in shopping carts and wish lists, or coupons that are about to expire
- Tie in with proprietary back-end systems for precise order status updates to customers on any channel, platform or device
- Email new mobile wallet loyalty members with program details and special offers to join its text club
- Use point of sale data from physical stores to send receipts, warranty information and accessory upsells to customers’ preferred channels
- Send a follow-up e-mail or SMS if the customer doesn't respond to a push notification within five minutes
- Trigger chatbot confirmation notifications from online, in-app or in-store orders with an offer to track shipments
- Channel Partners for Transactional Messaging

Urban Airship is joined by SMS partner OpenMarket and email partners SendGrid and Cordial to provide marketers with an integrated messaging experience using best-of-breed solutions. SendGrid and OpenMarket will integrate directly with the Urban Airship channels API to make it easy for customers to send transactional email and SMS messaging from Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform.


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