Metrilo Launches Email Automation Product

On March 7th Metrilo announced a new product release - an Email Automation tool that directly uses the customer insights Metrilo gathers and processes. The company already captures customer behavior data for its customers' other reports – actions, product interactions, orders and so on. Now this data can be used to segment email lists and send only relevant content to their actions messages.

"When the trigger event happens, the campaign starts and follows the timing you set – when to send the first message, how long after to wait for the second if there’s one, etc.," explains the company's press release. "You can set exit triggers as well to make sure individuals will break out of the series if they take the desired action before the series is over (for example, order after the first cart recovery email and not wait until the second)."

The automation tool can be used for:

- Engaging 1st time buyers;

- Reengaging customers;

- Cross- and up-selling;

- Recovering abandoned carts;

- Content drip campaigns

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