Vibes’ Mobile Engagement Platform Comes to Europe

Vibes, a mobile engagement solution provider, announced on February 15th its expansion into Europe, starting in the UK. Marketers in the U.K. can now access Vibes’ platform, Catapult, as well as the company’s expertise, to run sophisticated mobile marketing campaigns across channels.

According to the company's findings, 70% of UK consumers use paper-based coupons and 90% use one to four plastic loyalty cards monthly, underscoring the strong opportunities for brands and retailers to digitally convert these initiatives and improve the customer experience.

Jack Philbin, co-founder and CEO of Vibes, commented: “Entering the European market enables us to bring Vibes’ technology and expertise to a wide new set of brands and retailers. Clients have been wanting to see our platform in international markets as they navigate the challenge of connecting with consumers who are increasingly difficult to engage. We look forward to helping marketers create relevant, personalized mobile experiences that drive effective engagement and achieve their marketing and loyalty objectives.”

The expansion follows Vibes' recent acquisition of Red Fish Media in December 2016 and marks the company’s next major milestone in executing the strategic vision it outlined this summer, when it received a $45 million investment from its partner, Syniverse.

Vibes' current client list consists of such brands as Ford, Chipotle, Foot Locker, and The Gap among others.

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