Dentsu Launches Digital Signage Dynamic Content Delivery Service

Dentsu announced its collaboration with Densan System and Cyber Communications to launch a digital signage dynamic content delivery service able to distribute content triggered by real time data such as weather, temperature, time, location and other information. The first phase involves Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation Toei Bus digital signage operations, which will begin content delivery on April 3, 2017. 

At the moment, signage typically consists of data uploaded in advance and displayed for a predetermined period. Utilizing Google's cloud service and other technologies, this new signage platform is able to distribute advertising content in accordance with weather and temperature conditions, as well as time in one-minute time increments and location information. As it is possible to display messages tailored to the surrounding environment, this will enable advertisers to provide information with an appeal that is more relevant to the intended audience. For example, when temperatures rise above a certain level, chilled product advertisements are displayed. And, when temperatures fall below a certain level, warm product advertisements are displayed.

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