Allocadia Launches Customer Journey Insights

Allocadia, a Marketing Performance Management (MPM) solution provider, announced on February 7th the launch of a new Customer Journey Insights solution available immediately in their MPM cloud software platform.

Kathleen Berry, the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Allocadia, commented on the release: “With this release, we continue our commitment to marry data and technology to help marketers know where to spend their next marketing dollar, with confidence. The customer journey is a foundational framework in which our customers organize their marketing strategies, but it can be difficult to plan against this journey at large, distributed organizations. Our goal with this launch is to help marketers understand if the right investments are in place to support each step a customer takes in the buying process. We believe it will give new levels of insight and control over marketing performance.”

These new capabilities from Allocadia allow organizations to plan, track, and measure marketing investments across the stages of the customer buying journey, from awareness, to consideration to purchase and beyond.

Savage Intel has previously covered Allocadia's launch of a new set of marketing dashboards for its Marketing Performance Management (MPM) solution, which will "provide marketers with deeper and more actionable insights into how they are managing and leveraging their investments." (Reported by Savage Intel on October 31st, 2016).

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