Mouseflow Heatmaps Now Fully Responsive…Due To “A Lot of Coffee"

"We all know responsive web design is the best thing ever. Nobody disputes that!" was the initial sentences in Mouseflow’s announcement on November 26.

The company explained that, previously, if users wanted to see a heatmap rendered for a particular breakpoint, they'd have to resize their screen. "Not anymore!” The company announced that its heatmaps are now fully responsive, which means users can switch between different device types directly from within its heatmaps.

The company added a menu option that filters for data from specific device types/layouts. It clarified that users are not going to see data from all devices crammed into a phone or tablet view. "This would be a sign of a bad analytics tool, shame. Not Mouseflow."

When a user filters, they will see just the data from visitors on a phone or tablet, as expected. "It's awesome... thanks to our developers drinking a lot of coffee,” commented the press release in a manner all marketeers probably empathize.

The new features allow users to see and understand how visitors behave in different contexts (click, movement, etc.) and across different devices. 

The company invites all to "give these new heatmap options a try and let [them] know what you think."

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