Oracle Service Cloud Unlocks the Value of the Internet of Things

Oracle launched on November 14 a new solution that integrates Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle IoT Cloud to "enable brands to quickly and efficiently leverage insights from the Internet of Things (IoT) to power smart and connected customer service experiences." 

According to the company, the new solution helps brands enhance the customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs by using IoT data to predict customer needs and proactively address customer service issues. Oracle justified the move by explaining that "the explosive growth of the Internet of Things" gives organizations the opportunity to deliver innovative new services faster and reduce risk by connecting, analyzing and integrating data-driven insights from connected 'things' into business processes and applications.

Meeten Bhavsar, Senior Vice President of Oracle Service Cloud, commented: "The Internet of Things is fundamentally changing the way consumers interact with brands and in the process, it is creating volumes of data that organizations can leverage to transform the customer experience. By delivering a packaged integration between Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle IoT Cloud, we are able to accelerate the time to value, while lowering the complexity of IoT projects. For brands, this also means they can easily take advantage of IoT data and make it actionable across engagement channels to deliver exceptional customer service experiences.”

The company argued that Oracle Service Cloud helps "brands seamlessly integrate IoT device data into existing omni-channel operations,” and pointed to the example of Denon + Marantz, a leading provider of premium branded equipment, which is leveraging customer insights from more than 200,000 connected devices globally "to deliver personalized, positive and consistent customer experiences worldwide.”

The press release quoted Scott Strickland, CIO of Denon + Marantz, who said: "Denon and Marantz products have always provided a high quality, immersive musical experience and with IoT data, we now have the opportunity to extend that first-class experience to our customer service team. Leveraging Oracle Service Cloud’s IoT integration capabilities, we have been able to improve our customers experience and increase our internal efficiency and knowledge base. In addition, we can leverage IoT information via the Oracle Marketing Cloud to target campaigns based on how a consumer actually uses the product and not how we think they use it."

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