Emarsys Unveils New Artificial Intelligence Marketing Solution

Emarsys announced on November 30 the launch of its Emarsys Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM), aimed at "simplifying and effectively bridging the execution gap between complex data science and scaling truly personal interactions with billions of customers."

The company claims the launch will "revolutionize the role of marketers, and increase revenue and return on investment (ROI) for global brands," with the new capabilities of AIM alleviating the marketeer’s burden, "not by adding more disparate tools, but by simply and effectively bridging the gap between complex data science and executing truly personal omnichannel campaigns at scale.”

Emarsys explained that marketeers will interact with AIM through an intuitive user experience (UX) portal that embeds enhanced features into the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud. AIM automates the timing, content, and communication channel by using intelligence developed through analysis of over two billion Emarsys unified customer profiles.

Emarsys AIM, which sits between the Execution and Campaign layers, will introduce new features in both the near and long term. At launch, Emarsys AIM will support and enhance a number of Emarsys products, including:

- Individually tailored Incentive Recommendations to maximize revenue

- Predictive Product Recommendations for personalized shopping experiences

- Machine learning for Send Time Optimization and perfectly timed content

Hagai Hartman, Chief Innovation Officer at Emarsys, commented: "Marketers today are still fine-tuning campaigns manually and basing segmentation and personalization decisions on intuition rather than deep, data-based insights. The capabilities developed in-house, from the ground up, and built into Emarsys AIM allow progressive marketers to re-imagine their role in businesses of all sizes. They can easily improve results, in terms of revenues and ROI, by taking the guesswork out of campaigns and spending less time on mundane operational tasks."

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