Allocadia Announces New Marketing Dashboards

Allocadia has announced on October 26 the launch of a new set of marketing dashboards for its Marketing Performance Management (MPM) solution, which will "provide marketers with deeper and more actionable insights into how they are managing and leveraging their investments."

The company claimed that “unlike Business Intelligence (BI) and other marketing performance solutions," it provides a "comprehensive data set that includes core investment and plan data that typically lives in spreadsheets.” It further argued that “by marrying this rich data with marketing results and delivering it in a set of compelling persona-based dashboards, Allocadia provides all marketers with a unique view of performance insights to give them the confidence to make strategic decisions that are aligned to both the marketing plan and corporate goals."

Allocadia’s new marketing dashboards are claimed to amplify the value of its MPM solution by:

- Giving corporate marketers the ability to answer how bottom-up program investment plans match up against strategic targets

- Giving field marketers the ability to see how their plans align with corporate goals

- Giving CMOs confidence that they are investing sufficiently in the right mix of programs and activities to achieve their stated business objectives

- Helping every marketer discern which programs and activities are achieving the targeted ROI, which aren’t, and which business units and product lines are beating ROI expectations

Katherine Berry, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Allocadia, commented "Seeing the ecstatic reactions of our customers to these innovations is what inspires us to continue to push the boundaries of marketing performance insights so they can run marketing with confidence. We have always collaborated with our leading-edge customers and partners to both define and demonstrate excellence in Marketing Performance Management. Today we are continuing to lead the way with insights that tell a clear story around marketing results."

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