Bazzarvoice Advertising To Provide Purchasing Behavior Insights

Bazzarvoice Advertising — the first-party data and targeting platform of Bazzarvoice — will offer as of October 18 "the ability to reach and influence three out of four in-market shoppers."

Bazaarvoice explained that, in each month, over 160 million targetable shoppers visit the 5,000+ brand and retail sites in the Bazaarvoice Network. Marketers who use Bazaarvoice Advertising get a birds-eye view into the browsing and purchasing behavior of these shoppers, which breaks down the walled gardens that have historically limited advertising effectiveness.

Sara Spivey, Chief Marketing Officer at Bazaarvoice, commented: "Marketing data strategies have come a long way, but as the research points out, today’s marketers still struggle to see beyond their own transaction data and rely on outdated, third-party sources to fill in the gaps. Our first-party data from our Network reflects shopper activity from millions of shoppers on thousands of brand and retail websites each month. By using those insights, Bazaarvoice Advertising offers marketers the most accurate view of current and future shopper behavior and helps them provide the relevant content that consumers want."

The press release also included a statement of client Joe Turoff, VP of Sales and Marketing for Chervon, who argued: "We recently ran a campaign using Bazaarvoice Advertising and were impressed to find that the effort netted a 200 percent lift in brand consideration for EGO, our new line of cordless outdoor power equipment. Bazaarvoice offers us unprecedented access to in-market shoppers and the opportunity to influence and engage them directly as they shop. We can now see who is shopping our brand and our competitors across top retailers and stay in front of them with impactful consumer reviews, recommendations and reminders to build brand recognition and close sales. Bazaarvoice’s Advertising and CGC products were a significant factor in helping us take EGO from an unknown brand to the leading position in our category at the number one home improvement retailer in the country."

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