LiveRamp Introduces IndentityLink

LiveRamp, an Acxiom company, announced on October 12 the launch of LiveRamp IdentityLink — a solution that the company claims "will unify siloed data across offline and digital channels to power an omnichannel view of the consumer and expand the ability to execute people-based marketing initiatives by onboarding data across the digital ecosystem."

The new product is meant to allow brands to resolve their data from any channel – such as addressable TV, direct mail, programmatic advertising, point of sale, mobile, CRM, social, call center. It provides the "technical sophistication" to accommodate the privacy permissions on each of these data flows and create an omnichannel view of a consumer. IdentiyLink also allows brands to leverage LiveRamp’s identity resolution service to enrich their understanding of consumers with data from other companies, onboard their data into more than 400 marketing platforms, engage their target audience over hundreds of millions of digital devices, and resolve data generated by that engagement back to the consumer in a privacy-compliant manner.

Travis May, President and General Manager of LiveRamp, commented: "Onboarding helped us build a core competency around identity resolution in the digital realm. But marketers want to do more than just target customers online using data from their CRM systems – they want a unified approach to people-based marketing on every channel and device."

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