Chute for Salesforce Community Announced

Chute has announced the launch of its new Chute for Salesforce Community — an app that, as the company explains, "simplifies the task of both using owned media and gathering and publishing community-driven visual content to promote further engagement among community participants, as well as reduce unnecessary support calls and emails."

According to Chute, the new app includes several components such as social galleries, a media chooser, and stories (whereby users can add photos and videos to text-based articles).

Ranvir Gujral, CEO of Chute, commented: "Communities have many purposes and varying members, but one common challenge for community managers is getting and maintaining the attention of their audience. Chute for Salesforce Community Cloud makes it possible for community managers to leverage the power of visuals to overcome this challenge, whether product images or photos shared by their community members, to not only add interest to their sites, but also more effectively communicate in order to accomplish their goals."

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