Ipsos Launches Sense*Suite

Ipsos has announced on September 6 the launch of Sense*Suite, which assists R&D through holistic guidance provided by integrated qualitative and quantitative assessments. 

According to the company, the suite uses product deprivation, role playing, 3D stimulus, and other qualitative approaches, along with scaled responses, to address clients’ most critical product development challenges. The new solutions announced within the suite include: Product*Sense, which identifies the sensory dimensions that consumers want; Sensory Stations, which evaluates sensorial product features and potential package designs; Rapid Prototyping, that iteratively evaluates potential prototypes; Sensory Lab, which evaluates prototypes in a lab environment, including drivers of appeal, potential barriers and improvement opportunities; and Censydiam*Sense, which uncovers the emotional drivers of a product experience.

Virginia Weil, President of Global Product Testing at Ipsos, commented: "Our clients are focusing more and more on perfecting their products at the earliest stages of development. At Ipsos, we take a holistic view of product optimization and have developed new ways to integrate qual and quant research to produce more refined results for our clients. Sense*Suite represents these holistic solutions, which help our clients to understand and deliver the sensory cues, emotional drivers, features and benefits most relevant to consumers. With Sense*Suite, our clients can develop superior products that yield better business outcomes for their brands."

Radhecka Roy, Global Lead of NPD Business at Ipsos UU, added: "In developing Sense*Suite, we have integrated our qualitative research philosophy of Hot & Cold research, where Hot consists of disruptive, intuitive and in-the-moment techniques and Cold reflects our strong analytical frameworks on consumer behavior. Sense*Suite is a great example of combining the raw, disruptive, emotional and technology-enabled insights of the sensorial product experience with the strong discipline and rich experience of product development frameworks."

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