Qlik Announces Playground for Developers

Qlik has announced on September 29, the launch of its Qlik Playground — a web-based environment "providing an easy way for developers to learn about, use, and experiment with Qlik’s powerful platform, providing access to the QIX Associative Indexing Engine and open APIs for loading, searching, analyzing and visualizing data."

The company explained that the new environment offers developers "their own sandbox to experiment and try out specific APIs for working with, analyzing, and visualizing data, or explore ready-made samples."

Speros Kokenes, Director of Visual Analytics at Axis Group, a Qlik Partner, commented: "Qlik Playground is opening up a whole new world for developers with common Web development skills that are not proprietary or require product-specific development training. User interfaces and charts are not limited to product constraints but instead are open to our imagination on how to best support customers’ specialized needs."

Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO and Senior Vice President, Products, added: "We believe true disruptive innovation is best fostered through openness and exchange. We want to give developers everywhere the ability to explore the potential of incorporating data and analytics into apps to provide a new dimension of interactive discovery. With Qlik Playground, we create a game-changing platform for developers to accelerate innovation to bring analytics to life."

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