Yellowfin Announces New Twitter Connector

Yellowfin — specializing in global business intelligence and analytics software — has announced its release of a new API connector for Twitter, which will incorporate pre-built reports and dashboards that enable users to analyze competitor performance. 

The company explained that its new connector will ship with a range of pre-built dashboards and reports, "enabling users to gain instant insight into their Twitter activities in order to optimize campaigns and even analyze the Twitter strategies of competitors. With pre-built Twitter dashboards, users can begin analysis within a few clicks, customize their analytics experience by building their own reports, and even incorporate existing business data."

Yellowfin Global Marketing Director, Daniel Shaw-Dennis, commented: "Yellowfin’s Twitter Connector empowers users to easily analyze their own, as well as competitor Twitter data, via intuitive visualizations and dashboards. Not only can users perform more comprehensive competition analysis by monitoring attributes like brand mentions and hashtags, they can also improve their own engagement strategies, or assess how larger campaigns drove online conversations."

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