Chute Introduces Chute Influence

Chute announced on September 29, 2016, the launch of Chute Influence, which the company described as "a combination of software and services designed to streamline the process for brands to identify, engage and work with social influencers."

According to the company, the new product features includes several functions: (a) Interest Search (Discover niche interests important to a brand’s audience using social data along with demographic, geolocation and affinity insights); (b) Identify & Vet (Identify and recommend influencers within these topics for brands to engage or partner with by looking at their current relevance, engagement and growth trajectory); (c) Engage (Like and comment on influencers’ posts and content at scale to both build and maintain relationships); (d) Monitor (Track key influencers to spot trends in general content plus determine if agreed-upon content is posted on time and within outlined parameters); (e) Track (Monitor micro-influencers to continually identify emerging influencers, as well as identify those with waning influence); (f) and Evaluate & Report Back (Compare engagement rates of posts shared by your micro-influencers against your branded posts, and determine the most effective content and influencer partners);

Chute co-founder and CEO said: "Influencers have become key for brands seeking to effectively reach audiences that are more separated and distracted than ever. However, most marketers are managing their programs completely manually and have no real way to discover or vet these creators effectively. Using the Chute platform, our customers are already finding the perfect user-generated images for their needs – we wanted to make it that easy for finding creators too."

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