Tulip Retail and SmarterHQ Partner Up to Offer Customer Insights from Online Activity

Tulip Retail and SmarterHQ announced on February 9th their strategic partnership, which will enable the retailers to empower store associates with valuable customer insights from online activity to personalize the in-store experience and drive sales. 

The SmarterHQ platform will be integrated into Tulip Retail’s mobile application, giving store associates the ability to view all customer activity from all touchpoints in a single unified customer view. The Tulip Mobile Associate App customer profile can now be extended with SmarterHQ’s behavioral data that includes an individual customer’s online browsing history, preferences, and past purchases. Equipped with mobile devices and enhanced real-time customer data, sales associates can provide personalized recommendations in real-time and enhance the entire customer shopping journey.

Bill Zujewski, EVP Marketing at Tulip Retail, commented: “With more than half of shoppers browsing online before buying in-store, the majority of people walking into a retailer have already done their homework and, in many cases, are more informed than the store associate. When these busy consumers enter the store – which is just one step in their purchasing journey – they shouldn’t have to catch the store associate up to their needs, personal style and past purchases. Through this partnership with SmarterHQ, we’re bridging the gap between online and in-store by empowering the store associate to understand what products the shopper had previously shown interest in online and then deliver a more intelligent, engaging, one-to-one in-store experience.”

Michael Osborne, President and CEO of SmarterHQ, added: “With this partnership, retailers will truly be able to take advantage of online customer behavior in order to enhance the in-store experience. We’re thrilled to give store associates the ability to gain insights and personalize interactions in real time, driving more sales in the process.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

· Unified Cross-channel View of the Customer

· Integrated Personalization Solution

· Personalized Clienteling 

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