Episerver Acquires Optivo

Episerver, a provider of a single platform to smartly manage digital content, commerce and marketing in the cloud, announced on October 4th the acquisition of Optivo, a provider of omnichannel campaign management and customer intelligence solutions.

 Mark Duffell, President and CEO of Episerver, commented on the acquisition: “The acquisition of Optivo, which has emerged as a true visionary in terms of real-time customer interaction across channels from a history of dependable and scalable email marketing, is an essential next phase for the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ platform. Not only will Optivo help our customers envisage and then execute their marketing and merchandising strategies faster and more effectively, it also elevates the customer journey to the next level to help organizations attract, engage, convert and care for customers in real-time.” 

Leveraging Optivo’s omnichannel campaign management capabilities, Episerver customers can now create and execute more contextually relevant customer interactions across channels, ensuring that the right message is sent to the right customer when and where it should. With the addition of Optivo, digital marketing and commerce professionals using Episerver can now manage and optimize the way customers respond to their campaigns across channels, by simultaneously tracking and predicting their behavior. In doing so, Episerver customers can achieve continuous one-to-one engagement.

This acquisition follows Episerver's earlier acquisition of Peerius to enhance Episerver digital cloud experience (reported by Savage Intel on September 2nd).

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