WoodWing and Syndy Announce Strategic Partnership

WoodWing and Syndy have announced on September 21 that they are entering into a partnership meant to "help brands streamline the distribution of rich digital product content to online retailers.” 

WoodWing Software specializes in multichannel publishing and digital asset management software. Syndy is a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for brands with multinational operations to take control of their products across the e-commerce channel. 

The WoodWing Press release explained that the two have agreed "to work towards an integration between their software applications, both already in use at the largest Dutch online retailer bol.com." It further stated that the combination will allow brands to "ensure consistent brand management and conversion-driven product representation online, while helping online retailers with the latest product content in real-time."

Pieter van Herpen, CEO at Syndy, commented: "We’re noticing a great need from our customers for interconnectedness between different systems to optimize the flow of digital content used to present their products on the e-commerce platforms of their retail partners. This partnership between WoodWing and Syndy takes us a huge step forward in achieving that."

Roel-Jan Mouw, CEO of WoodWing Software, added: "Digital assets unfold their full value when the DAM system used for the creation and management of digital assets is integrated with other business systems in the CRM, WCM and MDM space. Via this partnership with Syndy, we’re looking forward to enabling more brands to make sure their rich product content gets efficiently distributed to their online retail partners."

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