Dentsu Invests in US-Based VR Platform Company LiveLike

Dentsu announced on September 21st that its Venture Capital Fund, Dentsu Ventures, has made an investment in LiveLike, a virtual reality platform company enabling broadcasters and sports teams to deliver immersive, live sports viewing experiences. 

Through the LiveLike platform, broadcasters and networks can use existing video facilities to deliver live VR, thus eliminating the need to prepare special VR recording equipment themselves. LiveLike gives viewers the opportunity to watch live sports in virtual reality from a "private suite" that mimics a real VIP suite experience, complete with additional feeds, statistics and a jumbotron showing the game's TV broadcast. With a flexible technology platform and device-agnostic approach, LiveLike is able to create tailored mobile experiences for Gear VR, Google Cardboard and more. 

Established in April 2015, Dentsu Ventures invests in ambitious start-up companies that will further open innovation across the Dentsu Group. In addition to funding, Dentsu Ventures supports businesses and entrepreneurs by providing problem-solving solutions and resources that are unique to the Group. Dentsu Ventures expects further expansion of the sports VR market, and, through cooperation with LiveLike and other technology startups, will explore new business models such as the creation of value-added broadcast content and marketing activities in the VR space.

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