Marketo Announces Initial ABM Ecosystem Composition

Together with the launch of its Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Marketo has announced the list of the initial 12 members of its ABM ecosystem, consisting of digital services and technology partners. According to Marketo, the "marketing experts will enable marketing and sales teams to target, engage, and measure the accounts with the most revenue potential using Marketo ABM and complementary solutions.”

The list of ABM partners consists of:

- AdRoll

- Blue wolf 

- Digital Pi 

- Dun & Bradstreet 

- Elixir 

- EverString 

- Fathom 

- InsideView 

- LeadMD 

- Owler 

- Perkuto 

- PFL 

Marketo’s announcement explained that these digital services partners are "fully trained on Marketo ABM and are able to provide immediate full-service implementation and deployment of the application on the Marketo platform,” and that they "will help companies implement their ABM strategies and get the most out of Marketo ABM to meet their goals." 

Robin Ritenour, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Marketo, commented: "Our customers have been demanding an account-based marketing solution that will allow them to more closely align with sales to target accounts, and the decision makers within them, in a more coordinated way. We are thrilled to have these initial 12 partners supporting and enhancing this strategic product launch and the value of account-based marketing. Their experience with Marketo and ABM strategies will complement our solution and ensure our joint customers' ABM success."

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