Salesforce Announces Wave Analytics App Additions

CRM company Salesforce has announced on September 1, 2016 the expansion of its Wave Analytics portfolio with several new apps built by the company together with independent software vendors from within its ecosystem, including Everis, ThinkLP, and Vlocity.

Salesforce thus further developed its Wave Analytics Cloud, which the company claims will "empower employees with pre-configured, easy-to-use analytics apps that deliver data-driven insights they have come to expect from consumer apps like Fitbit, Mint and Waze.” The company argued that “traditional business analytics tools are often disconnected from business processes and present data in static outdated reports that require an army of experts to create,” while its "Wave apps seamlessly integrate with Salesforce and provide users with an intuitive, self-service way to drill into the most up-to-date data, uncover insights, collaborate, and take instant action, from any device.”

Among the new apps, it launched the new Wave for B2B Marketing, which "enables marketers to better align marketing and sales teams with actionable insights on marketing spend and campaign effectiveness.” Furthermore, the new ThinkLP Loss Prevention Analytics, will allow retailers to "improve customer experiences and reduce inventory shrink by quickly analyzing point-of-sale records, returns, loyalty card usage, attendance, inventory, and more to identify loss patterns and take data-driven action to proactively reduce risk.” Lastly, Vlocity Clickstream Analytics will allow “contact center managers in the telecommunications industry can monitor every customer interaction to optimize agent effectiveness and customer service with insights into real-time operational data like call-times, service histories, propensity to purchase, and details on click-streams."

Other updates included the Wave for Financial Services Cloud, Everis ehCOS Wave Analytics designed for doctors, nurses, and social workers, and Wave Dataset Designer, designed to enable employees to gain a complete view of their business.

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