Aimia to Help Expand Nordstrom Rewards Program

Nordstrom Inc. has partnered with Aimia Inc., a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company, to enhance the Nordstrom Rewards loyalty program. 

The expanded Nordstrom Rewards launched in Nordstrom stores in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, and on in May 2016. In the first three months, Nordstrom has enrolled approximately 1.7 million new members. Leveraging the Aimia Loyalty Platform (ALP), which incorporates Aimia's global loyalty expertise along with its comprehensive technology suite, Nordstrom can manage the program with easy-to-use tools and track customer interactions with a single, real-time view. By collecting transaction and interaction data and providing real-time reporting, ALP allows Nordstrom to better understand its customers' needs and respond at every touchpoint, from desktop and laptop to mobile device to in-store, all in an integrated fashion.

Chris Holloway, Nordstrom's VP of Loyalty comments: "We heard from our customers that they wanted a more personalized and flexible Nordstrom loyalty program. We were pleased to collaborate with Aimia to deliver on that through our expanded Nordstrom Rewards program."

Gerard Whelan, president of Global Loyalty Solutions, Americas, Aimia, adds: "When companies listen to their customers' feedback, understand their values, and focus on customer experiences, they can see a positive impact on their business. By giving its customers what they want, Nordstrom has effectively improved customer relationships and paved the way for greater brand loyalty and great service."

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