Marketo Reports Facilitating Marketing, Sales, and Product Development Alignment For vArmour

Marketo reports that vArmour has been using its engagement marketing platform to achieve an "unprecedented alignment across marketing, sales, and product development,” which resulted in "faster sales cycles and more closed deals.”

vArmour specializes in datacenter and cloud security with its software-only vArmour DSS Distributed Security System that reduces the cost and complexity of protecting an organization's most critical assets. According to Marketo, vArmour is using the former’s solutions "to not only manage and automate marketing, but also to align its team with sales and product development.” The press release added: "By using data garnered from Marketo to assess which prospects have the strongest chance of becoming a customer, the entire organization has refocused its efforts around the most promising opportunities and orchestrated sales motions to increase closed-won deals. This renewed focus has increased the rate of closed deals and fast-tracked how quickly prospects advance toward becoming a customer in terms of velocity and volume, reducing certain phases of the sales cycle from 8-10 months to just two weeks, while increasing pipeline volume tenfold."

Eva Tsai, Vice President of Marketing and Business Operations at vArmour, commented: "Marketo has been an incredible partner to help our business move forward, using its insights to improve how our teams work across sales, marketing, and product development, both individually and collaboratively. Marketo is helping us to accelerate our growth, and we see them as an instrumental asset to our continued success"

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