Act-On Announces Marketo Clients Scoop

In a press release titled "Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Leave Marketo for Act-On to Deliver Results, Not Anxiety", Act-On Software has announced it pulled in BillingTree, Bluenose, and Resolve Asset Management as new clients of it’s products.

Act-On claims that “(a)ll of these companies cited Act-On's easy-to-use interface, out-of-the-box functionality, powerful reporting, and world-class customer support as the reasons for leaving the Marketing Nation.” The company quoted Chad Ashbaugh, BillingTree's Marketing Manager: "One of the biggest reasons we chose Act-On is for its ease-of-use. Act-On's templates for landing pages and emails are simple to implement and edit without any HTML expertise. Act-On's pricing model fits our small-medium business much more effectively than Marketo's, and Act-On's customer support was far more personable and accessible.” 

Additional comments were included in the release from Ani Yildirim, Resolve's Director of Marketing Programs and Communications, who stated that "Marketo is difficult to leverage unless you have an in-house developer and a full-time marketing operations person maintaining it. Having to run Marketo reduced the time I actually spent as a marketer. Everything is much calmer with Act-On, and their support staff is incredible -- they're like my extended marketing team. Act-On is ideal for young companies that want to quickly build their business. Marketo pulls people into a dark forest, and then abandons you when you get lost.” Furthermore, it quoted Keri Keeling, Bluenose's Vice President of Customer Success and Operations: "With Marketo, I felt like I had to spend an entire day doing something I should be able to accomplish with three clicks. Act-On has given me the freedom to work faster and with greater independence. I love that Act-On provides a dashboard of my results that's easy to digest, and the option to click through for a deeper view. When our CEO and I reviewed the results of our first email, it was like Christmas."

Kevin Bobowski, Act-On's Chief Marketing Officer, concluded: "We understand why enterprises of all sizes are leaving Marketo, and we're proud they're embracing Act-On and thrilled they're rediscovering their love of marketing. When a marketing automation system is too complex, it stifles innovation and performance. But when it has powerful features and a modern design, it serves as the engine that transforms a business. Act-On's goal is to put the fun back in marketing, and the power back in the hands of marketers. We're here to help our customers do the best work of their careers."

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