T-Mobile Selects Lithium for its Digital Customer Experiences Needs

Lithium Technologies announced on April 26th that T-Mobile has implemented Lithium Social Media Management to support its social team’s customer service efforts. Using Lithium platform, T-Mobile’s social team is now able to centrally control and manage multiple touchpoints, power millions of conversations, and drive smarter decisions through data.

Rob Tarkoff, president and CEO at Lithium, commented: “At Lithium, we’re committed to building products that empower global businesses to connect with customers in the moment on their channel of choice. We want to work with brands who have the vision to build an operation to make this happen and T-Mobile is a fantastic example of how brands can achieve this – at massive scale.”

On the product front, Lithium supports the new Twitter Custom Profiles feature, enabling personal human-to-human conversations on Twitter at scale. T-Mobile was the first to market with this new capability. Initial results with the Lithium platform are impressive, as claimed by the company, with T-Mobile’s social team responding an average of 16,500 times per day to customers, and achieving a lightning fast average response time of 3 minutes 23 seconds (industry average for brands is 1 hour 24 minutes).

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