Neustar to Support Pinterest’s Advertising

Neustar announced on November 9 a new CRM data onboarding partnership with Pinterest. 

The company explained that, as a certified "audiences partner" within Pinterest’s Marketing Partners program, Neustar will help brands deliver more relevant advertising messages to Pinners. It added that Neustar’s CRM data onboarding capabilities "open up new opportunities for brands seeking to use their valuable first-party data to reach customers and prospects on Pinterest.”

The integration with Pinterest’s API will leverage Neustar’s OneID® system and allow advertisers to build unique custom audiences using a combination of their own custom records and Neustar’s proprietary audiences. This aims to give advertisers reach and precision, both within Pinterest, and Neustar’s large directory of existing integration partners. The partnership allows brands to have much more meaningful and relevant conversations with their customers, all while ensuring minimal campaign waste, and a standardized view of the customer across every marketing channel.

Michael Akkerman, Head of Marketing Partners program at Pinterest, commented: "Since we originally launched the Marketing Developer Partners (MDP) program, both Pinterest and our marketing partner ecosystem have grown immensely. Pinterest's user base has grown over 50%, and our world-class partners have played an instrumental role helping brands connect with their audience. We’re excited to launch our new Marketing Partners program to provide even more support to advertisers who use Pinterest to achieve their business objectives. Our new specialties and expanded partner ecosystem will ensure that all marketers are able to reach new heights of success and new growth on Pinterest."

Steven Wolfe Pereira, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Neustar, added: "Marketers are realizing that if they don’t get identity right, their people-based marketing will be wrong. Neustar is helping brands connect people, places and things with authoritative identity, and leading platforms like Pinterest are excited about this. As a result of our unique capabilities to connect online and offline data powered by the Neustar OneID® system, we can help marketers get the most value from their investments in Pinterest. We are thrilled to join forces with Pinterest to enable brands to build, amplify and measure connected customer experiences."

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