Pink Gellac Turns to Formisimo for Checkout Process Intelligence

Formisimo has announced on November 7 that Pink Gellac has opted to use Formisimo in 2016 to provide intelligence on their checkout process. As a result, Pink Gellac has registered an EUR 5 million increase in revenue. 

Pink Gellac is an international manufacturer and retailer of gel nail polish, operating in the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Switzerland. They sell direct to consumers via their e-commerce enabled websites. The Formisimo press release argued that the company "knew that their checkout was causing users to drop out of the sales funnel, but they didn’t know why. They wanted to understand what they should change in their checkout process to increase sales, and reduce customer friction."

The Formisimo team on-boarded Pink Gellac, providing them with an easy installation process followed by a data review session. The data showed Pink Gellac where the critical drop off points in their checkout were, allowing their team to make informed changes to their checkout process. 

Formisimo claims that, as a result of the process, Pink Gellac’s results included (a) a 14% reduction in checkout drop offs; (b) a 20% reduction in checkout corrections; and (c) a EUR 5 million annual increase in sales. 

Steven Renes, CEO of Pink Gellac commented: "Installing Formisimo was easy and the Formisimo team supported me throughout. We went from installation to seeing valuable insights very quickly. Formisimo has allowed us to get the most out of our marketing budget. Their insights allowed us to maximise the value of the traffic that visited our site. Formisimo increased our turnover by 1 million euros, which will increase to 5 million euros over the next 12 months. This is a significant return on investment."

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