Clicktale Supports JanSport’s Mobile First Homepage

Clicktale has announced that JanSport has turned to its solution to gather "valuable insights" used in creating a new "mobile first" homepage design.

JanSport — described as a "huge and innovative American backpack and collegiate apparel brand" — registers over half of its traffic to and 35% of its online revenue via mobile devices. "So when it came to redesigning its homepage for the critical back-to-school season, JanSport knew that it had to get the mobile homepage exactly right," stated the Clicktale press release.

Clicktale explained that instead of using responsive design to adapt a desktop site to mobile, JanSport took the opposite tack. Specifically, it used Clicktale digital customer experience experts, gathered valuable insights into what worked – and what did not – from its old homepage and applied them to create a new “mobile first” homepage design that would raise mobile conversion rates.

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