Qlik Used by Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh (WWL) NHS Foundation Trust

Qlik has announced on October 10 that Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh (WWL) NHS Foundation Trust has deployed the Qlik visual analytics platform.

Qlik argued that, by using its platform, the Trust "has been able to save and make millions in efficiency savings while also improving its quality of care.” As a recent achievement it pointed to the fact that the Trust's its emergency room department, which has decreased patient waiting times by thirty minutes, making it one of the top performing emergency departments in England – and one of the only ten Trusts nationwide to meet the UK Government’s performance targets last year.

Mark Singleton, Head of Business Intelligence at WWL commented: "Over the last few years, the Trust has produced a number of insightful, yet intuitive, Qlik apps that have helped changed both the culture of the organization and the perception of data. Data is no longer seen as just a way to monitor what’s happened yesterday but is now appreciated and seen as a key commodity in helping with pressures faced both today and the future."

Rob Forster, Director of Finance & IM&T and Deputy CEO at WWL, added: "Knowing how many patients are likely to be admitted provides the Trust with a forward look on bed availability and flags potential capacity issues in the days or weeks to come, something very pertinent to the financial challenges the NHS is facing with reductions in acute beds,” said Rob Forster, Director of Finance & IM&T and Deputy CEO, WWL. “All those who have seen the application have commented that they haven’t seen such sophisticated software in this environment and that’s why we strongly believe it is cutting edge innovation within healthcare. We are incredibly proud that it’s been produced by us, but we are even more proud of the difference it has made to our services and local population."

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