Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence Used by Tramada

Yellowfin announced that its business intelligence platform has been integrated into the travel automation solution Tramada. 

The company claims that, as a result of its implementation of the Yellowfin solution, "Tramada was able to quickly and affordably deliver a rebranded BI module, in a SaaS multi-tenant environment, empowering travel agencies to quickly visualize and act on that information."

Yellowfin added that it’s integrated BI platform delivers data-based insights to Tramada’s travel agent clients, as well as the end-customers of corporate travel agencies, resulting in significant time savings, increased data integrity and improved client relations. As a result, Tramada’s clients are able to use analytics to provide a better customer experience for less cost than their competitors.

Tramada Systems CEO, Jo O’Brien, commented: "Immediate access to real-time business information creates a point of differentiation – just what the travel industry has been looking for. With Yellowfin, we now offer something quite unique for travel agencies with real-time interaction and insights into operational travel management data."

Yellowfin APAC Sales Director, Adam Chicktong, added: "Travel agencies were also unable to independently create custom reports and dashboards to meet their specific needs. This resulted in an incremental load on Tramada resources, with clients also engaging other third-party providers to help develop custom content."

Yellowfin further pointed to Tramada’s clients now reporting considerable time-savings, particularly around quarterly reviews and end-of-year reporting, claiming that “one travel management company estimated that it had reduced the amount of time spent on reporting by 34 days per year." 

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