Marlies Dekkers Chooses Oxyma as Omni-Channel CRM Partner

Oxyma has announced that Marlies Dekkers has asked it to take the lead in implementing an omni-channel contact strategy that combines Marlies Dekkers’ various global sources of online and offline data.

Marlies Dekkers (Elisabeth Maria Johanna Dekkers, Oosterhout) is a famous Dutch lingerie designer. Oxyma will help develop the strategy, support campaign execution as well as provide insights in the results of these campaigns onsite at the Marlies Dekkers office. The goal is to increase customer lifetime value, as well as total business volume, by adding relevance and innovation in communication.

Marlies Dekkers’ Head of eCommerce, Jerome Orlemans, commented: "Personalization in the various channels is at the heart of our international growth strategy. In Oxyma we have found the partner for creating a CRM strategy and optimizing marketing operations through marketing automation. We are confident that our customers will be offered the ultimate branded shopping experience through the creativity of Marlies Dekkers, combined with the CRM expertise of Oxyma.”

Margot Giel, who is in charge of Marlies Dekkers at Oxyma, added: "Putting the customer first and organizing all communication around this customer is at the heart of creating customer value. We as a team look forward to helping Marlies Dekkers increase value for as well as from the customer."

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