Act-On Announces German Client Base Expansion

On September 6, 2016, Act-On has announced that it secured three new clients in the German market: BNP Paribas, ICEF, and Simscale. According to Act-On, “these gains come at a time when marketing automation adoption is on the rise across the EU.”

BNP Paribas Germany, is a multinational banking group with 19 locations and 5,000 employees spread across the country, adopted Act-On to manage its email outreach: 6 different newsletters daily, and 1 newsletter monthly, highlighting market trends as they unfold in real-time. According to the release, Act-On's email engine powers 70,000 emails daily for BNP. 

SimScale, a provider of a powerful, cloud-based 3D simulation platform that "is changing the way engineers, designers, and students design products," turned to Act-On to gain more insights into their buyers' journeys and to build a nurturing track more tailored to the specific industries and interests of their users. Act-On also helps SimScale with managing online workshops, handling registrations, communications with participants, and homework submissions. 

ICEF, a company specializing in bringing together international educators, industry service providers, and student recruitment agents at networking events around the world, uses Act-On to manage its B2B outreach around recruitment workshops and training events, and establishing automated workflows to nurture and target event attendees specific to geographies.

Commenting on the new client scoops, David Fowler, Act-On's Head of Privacy & Compliance, commented: "Trust is central to everything we do at Act-On. We’re a company that enables businesses to cultivate lasting relationships with their buyers, so it only makes sense we'd take our own customer relationships seriously, and do all we can to provide our German clients the most robust and transparent data stewardship possible."

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