Tantex Turns to Qlik's Visual Analytics Platform

Qlik has announced on September 6, 2016, that Singapore-based textile and garments design and supplier Tantex has turned to Qlik for its visual analytics platform. 

Established in Singapore in 1991, Tantex is a fashion garment design and sourcing company for major retailers and e-commerce brands around the world, and has been recognized as one of the 50 fastest-growing brands in Singapore. According to the Qlik press release, "over the years, as Tantex’s list of global retailers grew and the company expanded into more markets, executives found it challenging to analyze numerous reports that were formatted differently across departments and countries. To reduce the time-consuming process of customizing each report, Tantex chose to leverage Qlik’s visual analytics platform, to speed up decision making and strengthen go-to market strategies."

According to Qlik, by leveraging its platform, Tantex is now "able to analyze over 25 years’ worth of data to easily identify the latest fashion trends, forecast demand, and provide spot-on recommendations to its global clientele of fashion retailers.”

Janice Tan, General Manager, Tantex, commented: "Qlik has provided us with solutions that allow us to quickly analyze vast amounts of information coming in from different sources. Qlik’s powerful analytics solution allows us to provide recommendations to our customers based on data collected on topics such as fashion trends, customer buying patterns, peak seasons, and popular garment choices. Such capabilities have strengthened our customer service and streamlined our operations.”

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