We all want to get more value from our visitors and from the users we have already. By employing effective Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategies you can increase revenue per visitor, acquire more customers, and grow your business.

We caught up with Zarget’s CEO and Co-Founder, Arvind Parthiban, to get the inside scoop on everything CRO-related.  

The Savage Beta Corner series continues to grow leading up to the Savage Marketing event. In our latest interview we caught up with Sam Renders – Artist, Entrepreneur, Video and Web Designer, e-commerce expert, and Founder of Fangage.me – to discuss fan engagement. 

With the myriad of marketing and advertising solutions on the market, there is a great need for a ‘one size fits all’ marketing platform, as many marketers struggle to close the gap on campaign ROI, improve on data driven marketing and better understand audience data. 

Most marketers have grasped the importance of effective deep linking, the mobile community has yet to catch on fully. Branch is leading the way with mobile deep linking so we sat down with Mada Seghete - an experienced marketer, developer evangelist and co-founder of Branch - to learn more about mobile deep linking, and its importance to marketers.

Continuing the interviews in our Savage Beta series, Savage had a chat with Ankesh Kumar, Founder/CEO of Personic, which integrates email marketing in Messaging apps. 

We continue to introduce our readers to the Savage Beta participants leading up to the 2017 Savage Marketing conference in Amsterdam. We caught up with Rares Banescu, CEO of Retargeting.

The Series of Interviews with our Savage Beta participants leading up to the 2017 Savage Marketing conference in Amsterdam continues with Ernests Stals, CEO and Co-Founder of Dripit.io.

Ad blockers have been one of the hottest topics in advertising since 2009. CMOs, ad agencies and publishers have it in their best interest to understand and develop a new online revenue model which benefits both consumers and brands. 

For the third piece in our Savage Beta Corner series leading up to the Savage Marketing 2017 conference, we spoke to Ivar Krustok, Head of Digital, and Ben Billson, Full Stack Marketer, of Adcanvas to learn more about the advertising platform the two are excited about showcasing at this year’s gathering in Amsterdam in June. 

Preparations for the Savage Marketing 2017 Conference are in full swing and, in preparation for the event, Savage sat down for a brief interview with the leading start-ups that will be present this June in Amsterdam to learn more about their services, their hopes and goals, and what participants can look forward to learning from them at the conference. Here is the first in our series of interviews, this time with the CEO and Co-founder of Chamaileon, Roland Pokornyik.

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