For the fourth consecutive year, Experian was recognized as one of the top email service providers (ESPs) in The Relevancy Group’s recently released report, The Relevancy Ring — The ESP Buyer’s Guide 2017, announced Experian on March 9th. 

Ad blockers have been one of the hottest topics in advertising since 2009. CMOs, ad agencies and publishers have it in their best interest to understand and develop a new online revenue model which benefits both consumers and brands. 

The fear of being ‘off the grid’ is far too real in 2017. And the relationship between you and your mobile is more intense and dependent than ever, making mobile marketing a key channel for a marketer’s strategy. So, what is trending in Mobile Marketing right now?!

Selligent, a solution provider of 1-to-1 engagement solutions for relationship marketers, announced on March 9th online supermarket Ocado as a new client. is one of Britain’s leading online retailers, delivering to over 70% of the UK population. 

Adestra, a marketing tech software solutions and services provider, was once again awarded the Customer Focus Award by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) at the UK Customer Satisfaction Awards ceremony, the company announced on March 13th.

Brightcove Inc., a provider of cloud services for video, and HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales software company, announced on February 28th their partnership that will integrate Brightcove’s video analytics directly into HubSpot’s platform.

On March 7th Metrilo announced a new product release - an Email Automation tool that directly uses the customer insights Metrilo gathers and processes. The company already captures customer behavior data for its customers' other reports – actions, product interactions, orders and so on. Now this data can be used to segment email lists and send only relevant content to their actions messages.

Constantly stressed out, over-caffeinated, and in a perpetual state of multi-tasking  that's the life of a modern marketer. This doesn't come as a surprise either. Expectations of professionals in marketing continue to grow. 50% of CEOs see CMOs as the primary driver of disruptive growth in a company. The flip side is that 37% of CEOs say that the CMO would be the first to be fired if a company fails to achieve such growth. So, as you juggle email marketing, customer experience, content, chatbots, influencers, social media, mobile advertising, and try to keep up with the hottest new trend on the market in an attempt to bring it all together in one semi-coherent strategy, it is easy to lose your focus and to generally start questioning your life choices.

DataXu and DWA announced on February 21st the results of a global telecommunications provider’s inaugural programmatic TV campaign that used data science and advanced targeting to connect the dots between their digital and TV audiences. According to the press release and in collaboration with partners TiVo and WideOrbit, DataXu and DWA achieved an 11X greater increase in digital customer engagement versus the traditionally planned linear TV campaigns.

Since the first Terminator movie in 1984, there have been predictions of AI generated content, data driven marketing and automation systems, which would miraculously replace marketing teams with data scientists with the promise to engage over 82% of your online and offline traffic. That time is now!

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