Tapad Announces Its New Entrepreneurial Mentorship Initiative

Tapad, a marketing technology firm offering unified, cross-device solutions, has announced its new entrepreneurial mentorship initiative, the Propeller Program. 

Are Traasdahl, the company's CEO and Norwegian-born, has selected five early-stage startups from Norway to share Tapad’s New York City workspace, receive C-level guidance and help establish a U.S. presence. The following companies have been selected for this 12-month program:

  1. Bubbly - Developers of a platform that enables in-store customer feedback with dashboards and tools that facilitate real-time store response
  2. BylineMe - A marketplace for freelancers, publishers and brands to connect for content creation and distribution services
  3. Eventum - A property-sharing group that digitally assists in securing venues for meetings and corporate events
  4. Socius - A content provider for publishers to tell stories using social media
  5. Xeneta - A database that organizes the best contracted freight rates in real time and on demand

Traasdahl commented: “We are supporting startups that we feel represent the future of service offerings. It is with incredible pride that we invite these entrepreneurial teams from Norway to join us in New York Citythis year. Mentorship opportunities for early-stage companies are so important, particularly for those based outside the U.S. I look forward to giving the Propeller Program participants access to the expertise of my seasoned team and to our wide network of resources. Hopefully, it will be a game-changing year for many of them.”

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